14A, a political victory

platano maduro*Takes a deep breath*

In politics the important thing is not really to win, but to become a relevant player. Despite all bitterness left from yesterday’s results, and whatever the “100% recount” *wink*results may be, Henrique Capriles Radonski has won a political victory.

You see, the whole trouble is a matter of semantics: to win or to lose [the elections]. But ladies and gentleman, this is not a soccer game. It is true, a candidate –in crazy Venezuelan legislation- wins with 50% + 1 votes, nonetheless anyone who obtains 49% of the vote is as much of a leader as the winning candidate, and that is very important.

All that matters is that you become a relevant player, for example we can talk about the Jewish community in the US; they are about 2% of the total population but they have one of the most solid lobby bases in the country. What matters is that you can raise your voice and let it be a determinant in the decision making process, and Henrique Capriles –along with more that 7 million voters- made it very clear that he is able to do just that. 14-A was a political victory for him and those who follow him, and if those were the true results they can only be a reflex of Chavez left overs. But be as it may, Maduro’s thin victory speaks for itself: he managed to lose 1 Million votes in a 10 days campaign if you count the ones who didn’t vote and those who switched their voting preference during this election. He will be an illegitimate president, with quicksand as a political base.

Besides, we have to take into account the huge effort put in by the government in terms of irregularities only to win by 1,5%. Yesterday’s results leave us with a desperate Maduro, and a bunch of enchufados that have absolutely no regrets in sending a hordes of mercenaries of the 21st century, a.k.a. Bolivarian motorcyclists, to shoot innocent people in and outside the electoral centers. These people dedicate themselves to spread fear amongst people and to rob (or at least try to) the ballots. And what about those wearing official uniforms “reminding” people in lines who they should vote for, and telling them that otherwise they’d lose their jobs and stuff like that. The MUD has to report this violence, the one printed on the papers Capriles was holding last night while speaking. Each of those 3000 cases was lived by brave people who voluntarily helped with the electoral process and who felt that at some points their lives were in danger for thinking differently. I reported some of those along with some friends in a call center; I do hope they don’t end up in some drawer collecting dust for the sake of “avoiding confrontation”.


We don’t know what may happen after not recognizing the results but the important thing is to focus here and now; international politics can dedicate themselves to press coverage. But don’t despair, governments come and go, but nations remain.



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